Freight Audit Services

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Invoice Processing

TGI provides you with a comprehensive audit of your parcel freight carrier invoices. We receive your parcel freight shipment charges electronically prior to sending payment to your parcel freight carrier. TGI utilizes EDI to interface directly with your parcel freight carriers. We provide you with complete, accurate and reliable information in the most timely and cost effective manner.

Identify Service Failures

Upon receiving reliable shipping information directly from your parcel freight carrier, TGI is quickly able to identify delivery time failures for all airbills processed. We then automatically submit for credit any failures and incorrect billings posted to your shipping bill.

Consolidate Your Freight Billing

Because we believe "time is money" TGI is also concerned with reducing the amount of time and effort you expend paying parcel freight bills. Reporting and tracking shipping patterns is a core component of TGI's parcel freight audit solution. The proprietary software "Global-Trac" allows TGI to generate a myriad of company specific reports ranging from an Executive Summary to Custom and Full Detail Reporting of all shipping data in any file format needed. You may want to assimilate our information directly into your own accounting software by taking full advantage of TGI's web client portal.

Verify Charges and Adjust Errors in Additional Charges

TGI receives any and all additional FedEx, UPS and DHL charges for each parcel freight shipment including fees for address corrections, dimensional weight, fuel surcharges and declared value charges. If there are errors, we will represent them to your freight carrier for adjustment. We also review your rates and discounts for accuracy. Add-on charges include:

  • Additional Handling
  • ANS Charges
  • Charge backs
  • Undeliverable Charge
  • Delivery Area Surcharges
  • DNS Charges
  • Miscellaneous Fees
  • Hazardous Materials Fee
  • Residential Adjustment
  • Signature Service
  • Manual Process Fee
  • Over Maximum Size
  • Return Pick-up   
  • Service Charge  
  • Weekly Pick-up Fee
  • Metro Service Fee 
  • Address Correction
  • Call Tag Refund
  • COD Collection Charge
  • DCR Charges
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Economy Service Charge
  • Future Date Pick-up
  • HST Tax
  • IBS Charge 
  • Large Package Fee
  • Account ID Fee 
  • Proof of Delivery Charge
  • Same Day Pick-up Fee 
  • Dimensional Weight 
  • Payer Rebilling
  • Inside Delivery Fee
  • Adult Signature Required
  • Call Tag Surcharge
  • Credit Extension Fee
  • Declared Value Charge
  • Delivery Intercept
  • Extended Area Surcharge
  • GST Tax
  • Hundredweight Charge
  • ITL Charge
  • Late Payment Fee
  • On Call Pick-up Charge
  • Return Service Label Fee
  • Saturday Charges
  • Rural Delivery Charge
  • Alternate Address Fee
  • Inside Pick-up Fee

Automated Cost Allocation

Proper Accounting Allocation is paramount for any business to effectively process their parcel freight carrier invoice. TGI's highly developed parcel freight audit technology has unlimited allocation capabilities. Whether you have a simple sorting process to general ledger code or a multi-layered sophisticated allocation, TGI can effectively allocate any client invoice to your custom specification.

Represent You With All Freight Collectors

TGI has ready access to all FedEx, UPS and DHL invoice information related to any account number assigned to us for parcel freight audit. It is much quicker for your carrier and less bother for you to let TGI communicate with any collector inquiring about your parcel freight payments. Usually, the inquiries involve payment for parcel freight invoices for which you have already sent payment. You should never spend your time answering your carrier questions about parcel freight payments you have already made.

Adjust Your Carrier Payment

TGI will identify and deduct your savings prior to sending your weekly consolidated invoice. This consolidated weekly invoice includes all charges from your carrier. This invoice replaces the daily and supplemental invoices many clients currently receive from their carrier. The invoice includes the gross charges, minus the total carrier-approved credits from TGI's audit, and the resulting net invoice amount due. Clients simply must pay the "Net Amount Due" in this report to their carrier using their normal payment process.

Rate Negotiations

Because TGI represents companies of all sizes, we are qualified to understand the implications of shipping volume and pricing structures. Even a small change in an accessorial charge, carrier tariff schedule, service incentive, deferred incentive, minimum net charge or carrier surcharge can substantially reduce shipping costs. TGI employs a freight contract negotiation team with extensive knowledge and experience to precisely identify areas of opportunity to improve your existing small parcel freight contracts.