Pilot Program

Your 90 day trial audit will be handled by your TGI Account Analyst. During those 90 days we anticipate you measuring our performance and allowing us to build the foundation on which we will continue to exceed your expectations for years to come.

Identified below are the simple steps involved in your parcel freight audit implementation.

  1. TGI Agreement: You will need to sign and return a service agreement with TGI. It is common for it to take less than an hour to review and execute these agreements.
  2. Accounting Codes: Your TGI Account Analyst will help you define the appropriate accounting codes that will be used to generate your parcel freight reports. This will allow you to track your shipments back to your organization's cost centers or general ledger codes.
  3. Start Date: Your TGI Account Analyst will coordinate with the appropriate departments to initiate the parcel freight audit start date. Beginning on this date, you will begin paying your Carriers from TGI's Consolidated Invoice Summary utilizing TGI's online client web portal. TGI will notify your Carriers of the start date to ensure a smooth transition.

TGI's comprehensive service allows us to provide a consistent, professional parcel freight audit and more importantly, minimize the effort on your part. It is important to emphasize that our services require virtually no changes to your current processes for shipping and payment of your parcel freight Carriers' packages and invoices.